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fine definition

Mar 28, 2021 · 1. countable noun. A fine is a punishment in which a person is ordered to pay a sum of money because they have done something illegal or broken a rule. Synonyms: penalty, damages, punishment, forfeit More Synonyms of fine. 2. verb

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  • fine | definition of fine at

    fine | definition of fine at

    verb (used with object), fined, fin·ing. to make fine or finer, especially by refining or pulverizing. to reduce the size or proportions of (often used with down or away ): to fine down the heavy features; to …

  • fine - definitionfrom thekjv dictionary

    fine - definitionfrom thekjv dictionary

    The uses of this word are so numerous and indefinite, as to preclude a particular definition of each. In general, fine, in popular language, expresses whatever is excellent, showy or magnificent. FINE, n. This word is the basis of finance, but I have not found it, in its simple form, in any modern language, except the English. The word seems to

  • fine | definition of fineby oxford dictionary on lexico

    fine | definition of fineby oxford dictionary on lexico

    ‘fine wines’ ‘Gunner Palace is a fine piece of filmmaking and a fine piece of journalism, and I highly recommend it.’ ‘This pottery is distinctive because of its high quality, fine …

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